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It is a sport that requires a great deal of skill and concentration, although little strength is required, just a good eye and the ability to stay focused, making it the ideal sport for men and women to compete against each other on equal terms.

This is one of the shooting events that is contested internationally at World Championships, Olympic and Commonweatlh Games.

This is also an ideal sport for juniors and older people. (See below for our Air Rifle Supported Events.

Also, it is an international sport for shooters with disabilities (ee the section on Shooting for the Disabled.).


Air rifle

The air rifle match consists of a 60 shot event for men and a 40 shot event for women using a .177 calibre target air rifle weighing no more than 5.5kg. In Australia both men and women jointly contest this and most other events.

The event is shot in the standing position over a distance of 10 metres usually on an indoor range.  The "bulls-eye" is a dot measuring 0.5mm in the centre of the target.

We have many talented air rifle shooters in South Australia, for many years we have been winning national titles at this event 



The Air Rifle Supported event is very popular for juniors and older members. In particular it is a good way to start juniors (10-14 years old) in the sport as a preliminary to learning the standing position..

It is shot using a conventional .177 Air Rifle (that complies with the ISSF Rules). It is a 60 shot match over 10 metres.

The rules for the "Air Rifle Supported" event
are TRSA Rules. To see them - click here.




The Air Rifle Supported event is also a great event for older people, or people who have a medical problem and are unable to stand for any length of time, but perhaps who do not qualify under the International Rules for Disabled Shooting.

As mentioned above, the event is a 60 shot one and no part of the body is permitted to rest on the table.